Mori Shimonu (flower_ballet) wrote in roma_antiqua,

new member introduction;

Name: Simone

Age: 20

Location: Denmark

Can you speak/read/write Latin? If so, how well?: I've had Latin classes for a couple of years and will continue my schooling in half a years time when I'm starting the obligatory Latin classes that come with theology. I read Latin fairly well and can write some Latin if... given enough time. My Latin teacher spoke the language fluently. Some day I hope to be able to copy her in that regard.

What interests you most about Ancient Rome or the Romans?: I'm very interested in the period right before Christianity became an established religion (still being viewed as an underground and periodically harmful sect) and until the fall of Rome. Besides that, mythology in general is what interests me most, along with gender roles and the status of homosexuality in religious and civil life.

Is there anything you would like to learn more about Ancient Rome or the Romans?: After having been to Rome this fall, I'd love to learn tons more about the architecture and city structure. It was just such an interesting experience walking among the ruins from centuries ago, really feeling the atmosphere of the ancient world.

~ S.
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