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Does anyone else feel like this?

This is a kind of rambling, musing rant I posted to my LJ, about my thoughts on Rome and on history in general...just wanted to know if anyone else feels like this. I'm learning about the Fall of the Roman Republic at school (from 78 BC-28 AD)
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Oh, forgot to introduce myself: I'm Mistrali, I'm 17, and don't know any Latin. But...um, I'm interested in the aforementioned period in Roman history, mainly because:
a) It's the only period of Roman history I know anything about
b) I have an awesome and cynical teacher who brings all these people to life for me

But I would like to learn more about Ancient Rome, especially the beginning of the Republic, and will do so when I have the time (Year 12 final exams atm) :D

It’s so odd – I keep forgetting Caesar and Pompey and Cato and all their mob are dead. They’re so human in their fears and their politicking and even their vulnerabilities.
I mean, once these people are brought to life for you, there’s precious little you can do to shut them up, especially when you read Suetonius’ and Plutarch’s tangential anecdotes, or Seager’s criticism: you laugh at ribald poems about them, or pity them, or loathe them with a passion, or admire their ideals, or understand their mentality as intimately as if it were your own, or wonder how they could stuff up so badly…
2000 years is as nothing to history, or to historians (whom I flatter myself I might join, one day), but it is a long time. And it surprises me how people who lived so long ago can spring from the page as fresh as yesterday.
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