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Romans wore socks with sandals, new British dig suggests

Britons may be famous for their lack of fashion sense and Italians for their style. But it appears we may have inherited one of our biggest sartorial crimes from the Romans.



By Richard Alleyne, Science Correspondent
Published: 10:00PM BST 25 Aug 2010

A fresco painting of the Roman general Furius Camillus by Francesco Salviati in the Sala dell'Udienza, or Audience Hall, of the Palazzo Vecchio
A fresco painting of the Roman general Furius Camillus by Francesco Salviati in the Sala dell'Udienza, or Audience Hall, of the Palazzo Vecchio Photo: CORBIS

New evidence from an archaeological dig has found that legionnaires wore socks with sandals.

Rust on a nail from a Roman sandal found in newly discovered ruins in North Yorkshire appears to contain fibres which could suggest that a sock-type garment was being worn.

Now scientists are examining the remains in the laboratory to see if it is true.

The fashion faux pas was found in a 2000-year-old "industrial estate" excavated as part of a £318 million Highways Agency scheme to upgrade the A1 between Dishforth and Leeming in North Yorkshire.

The unearthed site includes the remains of a water-powered flour mill used to grind grain and produce food for the soldiers, clothes, food remains, graves and pottery.

It also contains the evidence of the socks in 14 graves on the outskirts of the area.

Blaise Vyner, an archaeologist heading the cultural heritage team on site, said: "You don't imagine Romans in socks but I am sure they would have been pretty keen to get hold of some as soon as autumn came along."

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An interesting take on the Roman obsession with celebritas

Think we're addicted to fame?
You should have seen us 2,000 years ago

By Ferdinand Mount
Last updated at 10:00 PM on 19th June 2010

....Judith Keppel became famous for being the first person to win £1 million on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Her display of general knowledge was remarkable. But almost as remarkable was her willingness to spend hours and hundreds of pounds bombarding the TV network's phones for a chance to be selected.

But compared to Cicero, hers was a slight effort. In his unsuccessful campaign to be awarded a triumph, Cicero claims that he wrote to every member of the Senate bar two - one an inveterate enemy and the other his daughter's ex-husband - to persuade them to lend their support.

That would have meant around 600 letters, three of which survive, two addressed to former consuls in much the same terms: 'So I earnestly beg that you make sure that a decree is passed in the most honorific terms possible concerning my achievements, and as soon as possible too.'

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Articles on ancient Rome

the "real" Spartacus, Gladiators, Architecture , accurate descriptions of daily Roman life sought forspartacus2010
I would really like my comm to have more educational content, and thought it might be an interesting forum to post in.
This is an honest attempt at more cerebral content and not spam.
I want to learn more myself, since I don't know jack squat.
Id feel ridiculous linking to stuff here, and thought those posting serious articles and papers here , would rather post them themselves.
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During Roman Times, the fish sauce called Garum was extremely popular. Even in Middle Earth, for a time it was the 'rage' Here we see a young Smeagol busily hawking his wares..

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Augustus is the sex
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I've decided to quit lurking and introduce myself~

Name: Caitlin

Age: 24

Location: Oklahoma, USA (very soon to be Missouri)

Can you speak/read/write Latin? If so, how well?: Yes, I can. I've been studying it for about four years now and am fairly confident in my abilities in it, though of course there's always room for improvement.

What interests you most about Ancient Rome or the Romans?: I'm deeply interested in the early empire, more specifically the Julio-Claudian emperors. They're such bold and fascinating personalities that I can't help but love each one of them. I'm rather partial to Nero, though. As inexplicable as it may seem, it's the truth. I'm about to start grad school in Classical Studies at the University of Missouri-Columbia and I am looking forward to doing more research on that family and their history.

I'm also very interested in historiography and as an undergrad, I wrote a commentary on the treatment of Nero by Suetonius and Tacitus. If you speak with me for even the shortest amount of time, you'll quickly discover that I'm one of those people, who, while acknowledging and appreciating the historic details we get from the historians, also likes to enthusiastically point out the biases and how they impact the overall depiction of the subject. It's something else I plan on working on in graduate school.

Is there anything you would like to learn more about Ancient Rome or the Romans?: I definitely need to learn more about the era of the Republic, as well as the late empire. During a lecture tour in Italy this summer, one about Cicero's life and times, I learned that the late Republic was quite full of characters and strong, colorful personalities. So I think I'll enjoy my future studies of it.


Anyway, that's me in a nutshell. I'm always interested in finding new people with whom to discuss the Romans!
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Does anyone else feel like this?

This is a kind of rambling, musing rant I posted to my LJ, about my thoughts on Rome and on history in general...just wanted to know if anyone else feels like this. I'm learning about the Fall of the Roman Republic at school (from 78 BC-28 AD)
Mods, please feel free to delete if not relevant.

Oh, forgot to introduce myself: I'm Mistrali, I'm 17, and don't know any Latin. But...um, I'm interested in the aforementioned period in Roman history, mainly because:
a) It's the only period of Roman history I know anything about
b) I have an awesome and cynical teacher who brings all these people to life for me

But I would like to learn more about Ancient Rome, especially the beginning of the Republic, and will do so when I have the time (Year 12 final exams atm) :D

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